2014        Two Tongues Tied Leyden Gallery, London

2013         Dependent Rational Animals with Sally Underwood, Towner, Eastbourne

                  (reviewed in Art Monthly, Sept 2013, George Vasey)

                  Body Language Galerie Peter Zimmerman, Mannheim

             Artkapsule Presents.. Roxy Walsh at Koleksiyon, London

2012        The Lady Watercolourist The MAC, Belfast

                 IGLOO (with Sally Underwood) for Fishmarkert at.. Northampton / Globe Gallery, Newcastle

2011         Second Sex Galerie Peter Zimmerman, Mannheim

2007       Felix Culpa Reed Gallery, University of Cincinnati,  Bast'Art, Bratislava

2006       Felix Culpa DomoBaal, London, Globe City, Newcastle Upon Tyne

2004       The bird from my mouth ARTLAB, Imperial College, London

2003       Roxy Walsh Mobile Home Gallery, London

                 Roxy Walsh The Cabinet of Curiosities, RCA, London

2000       Huckleberry Finn Waygood Gallery, Newcastle

1998        ...well, Pussy" Annika Sundvik Gallery, New York

                  Better After Death Castlefield Gallery, Manchester

1997         Better After Death Laing Gallery, Newcastle and Globe Gallery, North Shields

1996        Speak To You Later Shillam and Smith, London

                  Wish You Were Beautiful Annika Sundvik Gallery, New York

1994/5     R.S.V.P. Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin

1994         R.S.V.P. Annika Sundvik Gallery, New York

1993         Tongues in Trees Tricycle Gallery, London

1992         Blush Cornerhouse, Manchester



2012        The Butterfly Effect Artkapsule at Koleksiyon, Clerkenwell, curated by Juan Bolivar

                  Perfect Nude Wimbledon Space, Exeter Phoenix, and Charlie Smith, London, curated by Dan                  Coombes and Philip Allen

2011         London Calling Galerie Peter Zimmerman, Mannheim

Fraternise, The Salon, Beconsfield, London

Invaluable curated by Victoria Rance and Sheila Vollmer, APT, London

2009       The Other Side, curated by Erika Winstone for St Pancras' Crypt, with Mark Dean, Liz Arnold, Tony Hill, Lynne Davies Jones, Peter Stanley, Erika and Eric Winstone

                  Small Moments of Fantastic Things curated by Catherine Hemelryk for Antje Wachs, Berlin

2008       Suse Wiegand, Roxy Walsh, Jacqueline Utley, Sarah Christian. Curated by Peter Todd for The Surgery. London SE15

2007       Hygge curated by Fiona Macdonald for Standpoint Gallery,

with Matthew Burrows, Oli Perkins, Mia Taylor

Ost Property Curated by Jon Cairns and Julia Spicer for Danielle Arnaud

2006 the Guilt Bastart, Bratislava, with Barbora Klímová (cz), Jana Kalinová (cz), Jakub Hosek                    (cz), Jiri Olíc (cz), Ladislava Gaziová (sk), Michaela Ivaniskinová (cz),  Petra Feriancová (sk),                       Sarah Warden (uk),  Sharon Kivland (fr), Slávka Sobotovicová (sk), Zuzana Surkosova (sk)

 2005       INFALLIBLE, In Search of the Real George Eliot (as artist/curator/editor)

APT Gallery (03), Mead Gallery, Warwick Arts Centre (03), Huddersfield Art Gallery (04), Hatton Gallery, Newcastle (05). With Linda Aloysius, Jordan Baseman, George Baxter, Thomas Bewick, Giovanni del Biondo, Hans Burgkmair, Le Ecole de Burrows et Bob Smith, Cullinan + Richards, Artlab, Volker Eichelmann/Roland Rust, Mark Fairnington, Paul Flannery, Andrew Grassie, Tony Halliday, Nicky Hirst, Brigitte Jurack, Ian Kiaer, L.S.Lowry, Aristide Maillol, Eduard Manet, Sara Mackillop, João Penalva, Annika Sundvik, Eve Sussman, Willem Van de Velde, Roxy Walsh, Jacob de Wit, and Ralph Wolf.

Beacon: sense of place, place of sense New commissions in Lincolnshire curated by John Plowman, with Phyllida Barlow, Gerrard Williams, Simon Faithfull and Doug Fishbone

Drawing 200 The Tannery, London

2004       Inside Out, Investigating Drawing Milton Keynes Gallery, Curated by Stephen Snoddy, with Jack Duplock, Lawrence Elliott, Stephen Groom, Andrew Mania, Jamie Shovlin, Mari Sunna, Julie Verhoeven

Love Story Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London, Curated by Erika Winstone, with Phyllida Barlow, Mark Dean, Oona Grimes, Lucy Gunning

2003       15 / 1 1,000,000 mph project space, London, Curated by Denise Hwarisyo including Mark Harris, DJ Simpson, Richard Wentworth…

Nowhere Better Oni Gallery, Boston, Curated by Cynthia Roberts, with Alun Williams, Marq Kearey and Sara Russell



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2006       Braziers International Artists' Workshop, UK

2002       Triangle Artists' Workshop, New York City

2000       British School at Rome, Abbey Award in Painting

1994         Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Co. Monaghan, Ireland

1993         Triangle Artists' Workshop, New York State

1991         Shave Farm Artists' Workshop, Somerset, UK